The Beasley solar hot water systems offer 2 types, the split system solar and the close coupled systems. The split system has a tank that is installed remotely from the panels in the most convenient location, usually on the blind side of the house. A small pump circulates the water from the tank through the panels to collect the heat energy from the sun. this pump is automatically regulated by a controller that monitors the temperature in both the tank and collector panels and optimizes solar gain. There are many benefits in using this product, first of all being easy to install on roofs. They have a streamlined appearance with minimal impact on the aesthetics of your roof line. Split systems do not require reinforcements on the roof structure, as the weight associated with water storage at ground level. Collector panels and the tank doesn’t need to be installed at the same time and is ideal during construction of new homes and major renovations. Tall solar tank provides better heat stratification, improving efficiency. And finally it has a simpler service access.

The advantage of the close coupled system is the ability to free up space around the base of the house. In the close-coupled installation, the solar tank is mounted above the collectors on the roof, and the water heated in the panels rises by the natural thermosiphon principle through the collectors into the tank, and is recirculated through the panels until the water reaches the required temperature. It is very efficient and economical to install, and it takes low maintenance as well. So if you’re interested in purchasing one of the Beasley products, you can contact Discount Hot Water Blue Mountains for more information about he products. We will be more than happy to help you pick your new heaters.

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